Saturday, 12 March 2011


So here's a random post showing my growing collection;

This was all contained in a Celebrations tub, but i couldnt get the lid on anymore haha
So now it's all in a giant Topshop shoebox I've got about 58 or so now
(The polishes with the stars on are anicent Claires accessories ones) 

This is my mainicure kit I got for christmas, I'm pretty sure it's from boots, I love how cute it is and, OWLS :D

So you can also add the 24 nail art pens I bought like yesterday, not had any problems with brushes in the bottle or anything thus far, and was a speedy speedy delivery :) Some do have that weird colour fade but it doesn't seem to affect the actual colour so *shrug*

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  1. Ooo what are the polishes with the cute stars on the top called!...they just inspired a manicure for me hehe

    I love the owl Mani kit! its the most adorable nail kit ive seen!